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I am the vine icon

I am the vine icon

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Vine True, Christ Vine True, Christ Vine Vine - one of the symbolic names of Christ, based on the words of the Gospel (John 15: 1, 5), as well as several iconographic compositions associated with this name. In one of them, Christ in the image of Pantokrator is surrounded by a vine, in the branches of which the apostles and sometimes the Mother of God and John the Baptist are depicted. In another version, a vine grows from the Holy Sepulcher or the perforated rib of Christ, a bunch of which falls into His hands. Christ squeezes wine out of her into a chalice. Grapes are a symbol of wisdom (in vino veritas). A bunch of grapes is an attribute of the deities of fertility and agriculture. Grapes represent the wine of life and therefore immortality

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Style : Byzantine/Greek
Language : Church Slavonic
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