• Why are the files with a tif extension and the shop name is PsdSale?

    Initially, the psd format was considered, but in the process of preparing the content, it turned out that tif with LZW compression has a 20-30% smaller size.
  • Why can`t I register? I get an error that the user with this email is already registered

    Most likely you are already registered on our site. If you have forgotten your password, go through the password recovery procedure or write to us.
  • What payment methods are available and can I return an item?

    You can find this information here.
  • Do you have promotions or a loyalty program?

    You can find this information here.
  • I placed an order, how do I pay for it now?

    You can find this information here.
  • I downloaded a file and when I open it I get an error about missing font?

    Fonts and all necessary files can be found in the Download section.
  • I bought and downloaded an image a long time ago, now I`m trying to download it again, but I see a message that the download has expired, what should I do?

    The download counter and time limit helps us avoid collisions when updating the catalog. Just email us your order number and we`ll reset it.
  • For my personal reasons, I do not want to register on your site, is it possible to purchase in this case?

    This option is also possible, you need to send us a list of SKUs, in response we will send the total amount and details for payment. After payment, we will send you images. In this case, it is better to use instant messengers, the processing of such orders takes much longer.
  • I selected the images but I`m not sure if they have good quality for printing.

    Each product has a description: resolution in pixels, file size, recommended maximum print size (you should pay attention to it first of all). Also, if the image has a high resolution, then in the product description there will be a link to download a preview in real size with watermarks.

Still have questions?

If you have not received an answer to your question, ask it personally to the site administrator. To do this, go to Contacts and use the feedback form or write to us by mail or messenger