Information about the rules and algorithm of our store.

Our Store Rules

The products you purchase in our online store are digital, so you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and algorithm of our store:

  • images are sold without a license, this is primarily due to the fact that the original files were obtained from different sources. Therefore, before using them in replication, we strongly recommend that you consult with lawyers;
  • when placing an order, an unauthorized user will be registered automatically and the data for further authorization will come to your mail, so use your current mail;
  • after successful ordering, it will switch to the "Awaiting payment" state;
  • if your wishes are indicated in the comments, which will entail changes in the cost, do not rush to pay for the order, but wait until our manager will contact you. In this case, choose the payment option "Pay after approval". In all other cases, the manager will not be involved in the purchase process;
  • if you choose the payment option "Manual payment", you will find the payment details in the order details. We would like to note that in this case, the payment is checked by the manager manually, which entails a time delay (there is also a form for confirming payment in the order details);
  • after successful payment, the order will be transferred to the "Paid in full" state and files for downloading will be available on the order page;
  • each product has a limit on the number of downloads and a deadline for downloading. This information will also be available in the order details;
  • our store has a flexible system of discounts depending on the amount of the order. You will be informed about this in the shopping cart even before registration, and there is also a system of discounts for groups of customers, this information can be found in your personal account;
  • each product you buy is a file (raster format - tif, vector format - cdr, set of files - zip archive);
  • tif files were created in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and most of them contain Smart Objects, see adobe site. Theoretically, the concept of a smart object was introduced starting with version CS2, but in case of incompatibility of versions or problems when opening a file, you will need to use a later version;
  • vector cdr files were created in Corel Draw X5, but the files were saved with Corel Draw 9+ support;
  • many images use the fonts you need to work, they are available for download in the Download section;