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Icon of the Mother of God “Smolenskaya”

Icon of the Mother of God “Smolenskaya”

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The Smolensk icon of the Mother of God is an icon of the Mother of God revered in Orthodoxy. The celebration of the icon takes place on July 28. It is believed that the Smolensk icon protects and protects the western borders of Russia

Image Resolution3543x4724px
Maximum print sizes (cm)60x80 (3:4)
File format and sizetif, 49.69MB
LayersHas layers
Image quality : 5
Layers : Has layers
Style : Academic
Language : Church Slavonic
Ratio : Vertical, 3:4
Number of files : 1
138.18 UAH

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Mary Gilbert , 22.03.2024
I am very happy with this image. It opened easily in Photoshop Elements and I could view or hide the layers. I give it only 4 stars because it has a few scratches and stray dots that might bother some people. I am super pleased. I don't know if these flaws would be visible in a printed image. Even though it is not perfect, I think the price was very good value compared to the amount of work that went into separating the image into very useful layers. To me these flaws look simple to repair in photoshop elements. I will repair the flaws before I print it for myself, but the image looks good enough to use it unchanged for children to make their own small icons in a class or for a project with my grand children. It has 6 layers so you have the option to use only the parts you want. Whoever decided what to include in each layer made very good choices. The layers are. 1. A cut out of Mary and Jesus without halos. 2. Mary's halo 3. Jesus' halo 4 gold background with nothing on it. 5. A text layer of the letters above the heads. 6 A text layer of the Russian words at the bottom. Since I don't know Russian, I am glad I can hide the Russian words or add my own layer and write a translation in English.
When I opened the image I received a warning about not having the correct fonts. I see that this website has fonts to download so I plan to download the fonts before making any changes.
This image says it has a maximum print size of 60 X 80, if that is centimeters then it is about 23.5 X 31.5 in inches
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